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On Death of the Elderly

I wish I could change our perception on death. I understand missing someone, and feeling like they have left too soon. It can be hard to "let go" of anyone you love. But here is the thing...we don't have to "let go". We can celebrate their return home. We can celebrate the time we were blessed to share with them here. It is said on the other side, we are all about 30. Imagine for a moment, if you will, what it must be like for those privledged enough to age, with all it's aches and pains; with more and more limitations being put on their bodies, to go from 90 to 30 in an instant! How wonderful that must feel! Oh, the freedom! Or imagine being reunited with loved ones you have spent decades missing! Imagine being surrounded by unconditional love. There is NOTHING like THAT here.

Will they miss you? The truth is, no. Not because they have forgotten you or they are too busy with what is going on over there, but because they have never left you, and therefore you need not "let go". You have to think beyond the limitations of our physical world in order to understand that they can hear every word you say to them. They can still feel your love and greatly benefit from your prayers. You only need to think of them to draw them near and they will always be there for you. As my great grandma explained it to me, (long after she passed) she had more freedom to spend time with me now than when she was here, held in a physical state with limitations.

We can continue to grow our relationships with them by simply continuing to give them our time. They do not want to be forgotten, or ignored. They still desire our love and care deeply about our journey here, often more so given their change in perspective. TALK to them. In your mind, out loud, it matters not. They will answer, often by simply putting thoughts into your head. They may find ways to give you signs too, so be open to receiving them. Learning to trust this new type of communication may take some time, but with continuous effort on your part, you will hear their words. Many of us have felt the presence of a loved one that has passed and then questioned what we felt. Through repetition, you can learn to trust that feeling and know in your heart, no one has to "let go".

Death is merely a transition. There is no end to the relationships of those we love. That is an energy thing, and energy cannot be destroyed.

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